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Webbeko supplied ECAS system to European Truck Manufacturers

Datetime: 2017-06-03 20:04:14    Views: 741

American commercial vehicle safety and control system supplier WABCO (WabcoHoldings) before and several European Truck and passenger car manufacturers signed a supply agreement, the supply of a new generation of electronic control air suspension system to its (ECAS).

It is understood that the new generation of ECAS technology electronic control unit (ECU) will be installed on the frame, so that it can improve the efficiency of its installation, and can reduce the cost of providing the technical support services to the car manufacturers.

The company said that the new ECAS technology will reduce the weight of the car than ever before, because the parts of the technology are lighter in quality, thus improving the fuel economy of the car. At the same time, by lifting the chassis height, the technology also helps reduce car resistance and stabilize the car body.

In addition, the company uses a more efficient muffler and improves the design of the air compressor valve, thereby reducing the noise in the air suspension system.

Webbeko Jean-Christophe, vice president of vehicle power and control system of Figueroa said that the company"s next-generation ECAS technology can provide the best service for vehicle safety, and can reduce the production cost, improve fuel economy and reduce the impact on the environment.